A Born Princess
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Chapter 7
Volume Light Novel Volume 7
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Aoi Yusa
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A Born Princess is chapter 77 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter seven of volume seven.


Leaving the bulletin board after Aoi, Kodaka arrives in the clubroom knowing Yozora's seriously making the script for their movie as the rest were doing their usual thing (Sena playing galgames, Yukimura spacing out, Rika reading doujinshi, Maria playing a video game on the TV). Approaching Sena, Kodaka informs her on stumbling upon Aoi, whom Sena doesn't recognize, which is furthered to the point that she doesn't know most of the names of her classmates, (except for the ones near her), as she claims to not have the slightest amount of interest in knowing them (due to her status and calling them mongrels). Kodaka then mentions that Aoi has been under her in the rankings and Sena replies that she isn't aware of other people's ranking since; unbeknownst to her, that the rankings are usually posted on the school bulletin boards, as said by Kodaka but Sena added that she can still know her rank when claiming her report card and what matters is that she has the highest rank. After complimenting Sena, Kodaka asks her about her methods in studying and Sena answers that she only studies when in class or doing homework and notes that the first time she ever studied was with her time with Kodaka when studying for the finals, which she claims to be fun. Sena then asks Kodaka again about Aoi and Kodaka dismisses it.

Referring to Sena, Kodaka states the she doesn't take notice of anything she isn't interested in, yet she gets too engrossed into things she is interested in which it reaches creepy levels but adding that, though she isn't interested in Yozora, Kodaka still found Sena's act of voyeurism to the latter to be a crime. Doing everything whenever she feels doing it, lives freely the way she does, and being rich and is amazing to everything she does, calling Sena "a born princess". Though Kodaka thought that being together with an amazing person such as Sena is something to be proud of.

By the time they were leaving the clubroom, Sena offers to help Yozora in making the script yet Yozora coldly refuses her help, much to Sena's disappointment.


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