A Certain Aviator's Reminiscences
Toaru Hikoushi no Tsuioku
Chapter Information
Chapter 4
Volume Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Kōshiki Anthology vol. 1
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If you want to get friends, you need a strategy to get to their stomachs first!?
Femininity Deviation

A Certain Aviator's Reminiscences (とある飛行士の追憶, Toaru Hikoushi no Tsuioku) is chapter four of the Kōshiki Anthology Comic series. It is chapter four of volume one. This chapter was done by Tomoya Haruno.


Yozora tells the others that today's activity for making friends is: "Listen To The Advice Of The Elderly!". This shocks Kodaka, Sena and Rika. They ask why she's brought a grandpa to them all of a sudden and Yozora says that they must be surprised that she was able to talk to a complete stranger and bring them there. They say that that isn't what they're surprised about, although, they agree that that's also impressive. Yozora tells Kodaka that she has no issue speaking to those with no friends to which Kodaka states that he's worthless then. Yozora says that even though he has no friends, he has lived a long time. While Yozora is speaking nonsense, the old man, excited, says that he'll tell them the trick to staying alive as long as he has. The man states that it was at the end of the war and he was a Fighter jet's pilot at the time. The man says that he was stubborn/unskilled and thus, didn't have anyone he could call a friend. Continuing the man's story; he was hit during air combat but somehow managed to land safely on an island. On the island, he ran into another soldier and they had a standoff. Before a battle could ensue, The Lord of The Island appeared, but they were able to take it down by combining their techniques. The two went on to become good friends who still contact each other to this day. The man finished his story with saying, "Even if you only have one friend in the world, as long as you treasure him more than anyone else, I believe that you will have a brilliant life". Yozora says that the Neighbor's Club will now practice deepening relationships on a deserted island. "And so, Kodaka and company's large-scale feature film-like story started but... that is a different story".

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