A New Light
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Chapter 9
Volume Light Novel Volume 8
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A New Light is chapter 96 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter nine of volume eight.


Monday, after school, Kodaka stumbles upon Aoi Yusa carrying heavy boxes as he walks through a hall. Shortly thereafter, Kodaka offers to help Aoi, despite the latter's reluctance. As they walk, Kodaka asks Aoi on why she's determined on disbanding the Neighbor's Club. Answering Kodaka's question, Aoi said that people with talent shouldn't waste their potential on something unsuitable. Hearing this, Kodaka ponders about the high attributes of each of his club-mates, and as he was about to consider the Neighbor's Club to be unnecessary, Aoi says that her previous claims were a joke and that she only meant for Sena to suffer for once out of her envy to the latter. Kodaka then notes to Aoi the one thing Sena doesn't have: friends. Hearing this made Aoi laugh, who thought that Kodaka's claim on Sena was a joke and thank him for cheering her up. 

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Kodaka assisting Aoi.

After arranging the boxes they carried, Kodaka insists on Aoi to continue helping her. Despite Aoi's worry towards Kodaka on not going to his club, Aoi gratefully agrees on Kodaka's offer. Soon afterward, Aoi and Kodaka meet Hinata Hidaka, the Student Council President, who came to thank Kodaka for helping out Aoi. After Hinata mistakes Kodaka as Aoi's boyfriend, Aoi retorts to Hinata's misunderstanding and then asks Kodaka if he is dating anyone in the Neighbor's Club. Kodaka denies on Aoi's question; Aoi then notes of the awkwardness that might occur if Kodaka were to be dating anyone in his club, causing Kodaka to pat Aoi on the head.

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Hinata Hidaka

After expressing his eagerness of helping Aoi out, Hinata decides to help Kodaka and Aoi with the boxes as well, much to Aoi's chagrin. As they walk back and forth in obtaining the boxes, Kodaka had a casual talk with Hinata about the athletics festival, as Kodaka came to know more of Hinata's likable traits. Shortly thereafter, Hinata offers Kodaka the chance of joining the Student Council, with Aoi also insisting on the idea, much to Kodaka's shock. Afterward, Kodaka notes to Aoi and Hinata his reputation as a misunderstood delinquent, and as he was about to tell the consequence of letting him join the council, Hinata declares that she couldn't care less of people prejudicing others out of their outward appearances. Though amazed by Hinata's revelation, Kodaka turned down Hinata's offer but adds that he is still willing on assisting them on grunt work, much to Hinata's excitement.

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