A Visit to Kashiwazaki's Abode
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Chapter 10
Volume Light Novel Volume 3
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A Visit to Kashiwazaki's Abode is chapter 33 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter ten of volume three.


After receiving a call from Sena, Kodaka and Kobato went to the Kashiwazaki Estate under the request of her father. Arriving there, they are welcomed by Sena's father, Tenma Kashiwazaki himself and their house's steward, Stella. After the introductions, they are led to the dining table in where they had dinner. Throughout their meal, Tenma continuously badmouths Hayato Hasegawa for his flaws in becoming a father to his children causing Kodaka to react harshly in reflex. After dinner, Tenma asked Kodaka to stay in their estate for the night.

In their room, Sena remarked that his father has taken a liking at Kodaka and added that she hasn't seen him in a good mood for some time. Afterward, as Sena took Kobato for a bath, Tenma and Stella arrived in Kodaka's room and asked to drink with him. After a few glasses, Tenma immediately got drunk. When searching for Stella, Kodaka stumbled upon a fully naked Kobato and Sena, causing the latter to storm off in her room. Back in his room, Stella informed Kodaka that Tenma doesn't wake up until the morning no matter how much effort is done to wake him and asked for Kodaka to sleep with him.

The next morning, Sena coyly asked Kodaka if the latter recalled last night's incident. Reassuring Sena, Kodaka reasoned to the latter that he was drunk at the time because of the wine and wasn't able to remember said events. Before taking their leave, Tenma asked Kodaka to take care of his daughter. Agreeing to his request, Kodaka teased Tenma by calling him by the name "Pegasus" and hurriedly left (with Kobato) the estate.


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