Airi Hasegawa


Hasegawa Airi
Character Information
Gender Female
Age Deceased
School St. Chronica's Academy (former)

Character OverviewEdit

Airi Hasegawa (羽瀬川アイリ, Hasegawa Airi) is a character from the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai series. She is the late wife of Hayato Hasegawa and as well as the mother of Kodaka and Kobato. Due to unknown reasons (presumably by an accident), she died sometime after giving birth to Kobato. She is British, and once was a student of St. Chronica's Academy where she became acquainted with Hayato through Tenma.


Airi had blonde hair, blue eyes, and very fair skin, physical traits Kobato would later inherit from her mother. Furthermore, her hair is also kept into two pigtails on one occasion. She was depicted wearing an eye-patch over her left eye, but soon stopped wearing it (along with most of her chuunibyou-esque fashion of speaking) after having frequent get-togethers with Hayato and co.


According to Kodaka and Tenma, Airi was a kind and caring person. She deeply cared for her children and loved her husband Hayato. She was presumably very attached to Kodaka, as he refuses to dye his hair black to keep his inherited blonde hair as a memento of her.

In her teenage years, Airi, like with her soon-to-be-daughter, was a shy person who had trouble getting acquainted with others. Due to her admiration for the one-eyed warrior, "Xiàhóu Dūn" from the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", Airi claimed herself to be a reincarnated warrior of the past known as "Xiàhóu Fan" and wore an eye-patch over her left eye. She was also considered immature when she lashed out childish insults towards Pegasus after the latter insulted her of being an idiot and feeling triumphant when Hayato scolds Pegasus. This trait was later passed on to her daughter Kobato.

However, due to Hayato's friendly nature, Airi became more open and confident while starting to hold feelings for Hayato. Airi was also somewhat impatient and demanding as shown when she angrily shouted at Hayato to say that he loves her and for him to ask her out.


  • Airi Aaron (Maiden name)


  • When translated, Airi can mean "love and affection".
  • Though not appearing in the anime, she was mentioned by name in Episode 9.
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