Amusement Park ~ Astaroth Chapter ~
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Chapter 4
Volume Light Novel Volume 5
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Amusement Park ~ Black Dragon Chapter ~
Amusement Park ~ Vomit Chapter ~

Amusement Park ~ Astaroth Chapter ~ is chapter 51 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter four of volume five.


As the Neighbor's Club rest by a bench after riding the 'Black Dragon' roller coaster, Kodaka, Kobato and Sena go to watch the costume show for Kurogane no Necromancer after hearing its announcement and leave their fellow club-mates after deciding to meet up afterwards. At the show, Sena acts as if she was a 'Kurogane no Necromancer' fan which only angered Kobato, who is a hardcore fan of the anime series, after Sena got all wrong answers as Kobato gave her trivial questions about the anime. By that time, the costume show starts and Astaroth, the antagonist of the anime series, appears and asks for hostages in the audience which will be given prizes afterward. Sena happily volunteers to be one and plans to achieve the price as an offering to Kobato, which the latter denies on accepting.

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Kobato confuses the event goers and staff with her chuunibyou persona.

The MC and Astaroth mistake Sena as the mother of Kobato as Sena claims that Kodaka would then be the father, much to his annoyance; Sena then complains about Kodaka's denial of them being a couple. Afterward, Kobato is called up to the stage into becoming one of the hostages of Astaroth.

After their exchange, Kobato receives an autograph of the show's director from Astaroth which Kobato happily treasures. Kodaka reminds Kobato that Sena was the reason she got the autograph and Kobato timidly thanks Sena before running away. Kodaka then thanks Sena as the latter then gets flustered on how the MC and Astaroth mistook her and Kodaka as a married couple earlier. When Kodaka iterates to Sena that the MC and Astaroth did not mistake them as married from the start, Sena mumbles to herself that she and Kodaka should start dating first before getting married.

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