And so, the night ends
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Chapter 14
Volume Light Novel Volume 11
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And so, the night ends is chapter 135 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter fourteen of volume eleven.


Waking up in the early morning hours, Kodaka decides to take a stroll by the shore where he finds Yozora gazing out at the sea, alone. Kodaka explains to her his reason for his early awakening being the lack of a horror story, in contrast to their previous outing the year before. Yozora reveals to Kodaka that the ghost story of 'Yamiko' she shared last year was based on true events related to a friend she had when she was in middle school.

The 'friend' Yozora had was part of a different clique but the two bonded and were united by their interest in shounen manga. Months after forming their close friendship, Yozora was subjected to bullying by her classmates with her friend acting as emotional support. Yozora, however, did not want to involve her friend and sought to handle the issue on her own, ultimately finding out that her friend was the mastermind behind the bullying. As retaliation, Yozora, knowing her friend was fearful of the supernatural, harassed her by taking the persona of 'Yamiko', a ghost Yozora allegedly claims to kill people who betray their friends, much to Kodaka's shock. Eventually, the friend apologized and revealed everything to Yozora, citing the cause behind the bullying as out of jealousy; Yozora being the romantic interest of her friend's crush.
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'Comrades-in Arms'

Although disgusted by her former friend's actions, Yozora empathizes with her. Afterward, Yozora yells out her confession to Kodaka. Kodaka rejects Yozora's feelings, further clarifying that he was never interested in her in a romantic sense. Dejected, Yozora begins conversing with her air friend, Tomo, much to Kodaka's delight. Yozora reveals to Kodaka that Tomo was also a result of the Yamiko incident as a way to mock the friend that had betrayed her. 

After Kodaka declines Yozora's suggestion of making an air friend for himself because of him already having friends, Yozora asks him of the kind of relationship they share. Kodaka refers to their shared bond like that of comrades-in-arms. He thinks to himself that this isn't the absolute description of their relationship but decides to label it nonetheless in order to bring closure to the matter. 

As dawn breaks, Kodaka states that the childhood tale of Sora and Taka has been put to a definite close.

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