Aoi Yusa
遊佐 葵
Yusa Aoi
Chapter Information
Chapter 6
Volume Light Novel Volume 7
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A Born Princess

Aoi Yusa (遊佐 葵, Yusa Aoi) is chapter 76 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter six of volume seven.


The day after the Neighbor's Club agreed to make a movie for their upcoming school festival, Kodaka was on his way to the club-room until he made his way to one of the school's bulletin boards and checked the rankings of their finals. There he discovers Sena received the highest, and Yozora, though in 7th place, acquired the highest score in their class, a lone girl who was standing near Kodaka, then mistook the latter as Sena's boyfriend. Agitated, the girl remarks that Sena is truly her enemy as Kodaka asks who she is. Introducing herself as Aoi Yusa, the treasurer of the school's student council and achieved second place in the rankings. Kodaka compliments Aoi for her achievements yet an annoyed Aoi still declares that she is determined to outsmart Sena, whom she regarded as a perfect person. As Kodaka tries to clear up the misunderstanding of him being Sena's boyfriend, Aoi didn't heed Kodaka's reasons and instead compliments him for being cool and fashionable, much to Kodaka's surprise as Aoi walks away and Kodaka concludes by stating he has yet again met another weirdo.

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