Attending School
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Chapter 4
Volume Light Novel Volume 11
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New Year

Attending School is chapter 125 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter four of volume eleven.


Kodaka's week-long suspension from school ends. He arrives at his classroom, prompting silence from his classmates. He stands on their classroom's podium and attempts to formally introduce himself before his classmates whilst stammering in doing so. Kodaka's poor display of public speaking causes Yozora to laugh hysterically. Yozora vocally insults Kodaka for all her classmates to hear, intentionally downplaying his image from being a (misguided) delinquent to that of a socially-inept high school student, much to Kodaka's gratitude towards Yozora. 

By lunchtime, Kodaka and Yukimura meet up for the first time as lovers, much to the commotion of Kodaka's classmates and Yozora storming off from the scene. As Yukimura asks Kodaka to have lunch together, Kodaka asks for them to make a detour to the Science Room. There, Yukimura and Rika continue to act contemptuously to one another as Kodaka attempts to ease the tension by having all three of them eat their lunches together, to no avail. To compromise with his girlfriend and best friend, Kodaka proposes to eat lunch with each of them every other day.

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