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Chapter 13
Volume Light Novel Volume 11
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Divine Sword Zemi
And so, the night ends

BBQ is chapter 134 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter thirteen of volume eleven.


Sometime in August, the Neighbor's Club gather for training. Same as the previous year, the chosen location was the Kashiwazakis' Summer Home. This time, the club rides a single train for two and a half hours, and then proceed to walk the rest of the way for another hour. Upon arrival, and after dropping their luggage off inside, the members throw on their swimsuits and head for the beach. Same as last year, they attempt their ceremonial poses, failing. So far, the only striking difference between this visit and last year's was the fact that they were now short a club member. This was Yukimura, who Kodaka had asked to join them, but she announced that she's already left the club and declines the invitation. Having become third years, everyone has been busier than usual. Seeing all the club members actually participate and show up has become an uncommon occurrence, but, at times when they do gather, Yukimura never shows. In Kodaka's heart, he still considers her an important member of the Neighbor's Club.

The club played by the beach until sunset. Now, it was time for the most important part of the day, BBQ time. No one in the club had any prior knowledge of BBQs, so, as per usual, Kodaka was left to do research and figure it out for himself. While preparing the food, the aroma was causing Kobato and Maria to become impatient. Continuing to prepare the food, Kodaka hears someone's stomach growl loudly. Sena chastises Yozora for her growling stomach, and the two continue to bicker with one another. Even though the two now consider each other their friends, they still bicker and fight, same as always. Kodaka moves to hand Rika, the actual perpetrator of the previous growl, a kebab. As he handed her the skewered food, their hands touched, but Kodaka didn't feel much of anything. Over the last eight months since Christmas, he's gotten even more used to hiding his feelings. Maria and Kobato begin to complain, and Kodaka hands everyone their food. With the sun setting in the background, they all had a barbecue, as friends.

After dinner, the club member's all head back to the villa. Sena suggests they tell each other ghosts stories again, like the year before. No one wanted to do so because of what happened last August with Yozora's story. Later, Maria and Kobata fall asleep and the older members begin a game of poker. Due to each member being exhausted, the game only lasted about an hour.

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