Be My Friend
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Chapter 8
Volume Light Novel Volume 10
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Be My Friend is chapter 120 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter eight of volume ten.


The brawling incident during their Christmas party resulted in Kodaka's suspension with word of his official punishment coming in the days ahead. With the scuffle ceased, the party resumed thanks to Hinata's intervention. After being reprimanded for his actions, Kodaka heads to the clubroom where he finds Yozora and Sena whilst eavesdropping on their conversation. Sena gifts Yozora a present - the same present which got dropped by the girls that infuriated Sena during the Christmas party -  which the latter initially thought as a Christmas present but Sena means it as a birthday present for Yozora, whose birth date coincides with that of Christmas day. Yozora vehemently accepts the gift, which turns out to be a crescent-shaped hairclip and let Sena put it on her. 

Sena expresses her envy towards people born during Christmas, stating that being born on such a day makes one feel special. However, while Yozora initially thought of the same, eventually came to realize that it had no special meaning in the end after discovering that Jesus Christ was in fact not born on Christmas Day - which only served as a 'Commemoration Day' - when she was just a first-grader. While laughing off and teasing Yozora for her backstory, Sena insists that she is indeed special, bewildering Yozora. Sena then asks Yozora to be her friend, which Yozora replies by teasingly feigning ignorance but then genuinely asserts of them already being friends. 

Kodaka reflects that despite repeatedly copying the actions and personas of others and going through numerous struggles, he considers Yozora as someone 'cool'. He finds Yozora and Sena's relationship as the embodiment of the saying 'teasing is a sign of affection' whilst also feeling emotional after witnessing them mutually recognizing each other as friends, to which he pertains to a 'Christmas miracle'.

Not wanting to ruin the mood, Kodaka walks away from the clubroom, with a club resignation form in hand which he plans to tell his clubmates when his suspension expires.


  • This chapter seems to have indicated that Yozora's birth date coincides with that of Christmas Day, which is on the 25th of December. When in actuality, Yozora's birth date is on Christmas Eve, specifically on the 24th of December. [1]


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