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Chapter 5
Volume Light Novel Volume 9
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Bento (弁当, Bentō) is chapter 103 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter five of volume nine.


After finishing breakfast, the Hasegawa siblings left for school while Yozora stayed behind at the Hasegawa Residence. Before leaving, Yozora allows Kodaka in telling their club-mates of her current situation in detail, verbally abusing herself in the process. While on the bus, Kodaka sends a message to Sena, Yukimura and Rika, informing them of Yozora's condition. As Sena and Yukimura express their relief in their respective messages, Rika sends her reply by telling Kodaka to meet up with her during their lunch break, whereas Kodaka had agreed to Rika's invitation of eating lunch together the day before. Arriving in Rika's lab, Rika and Kodaka present their respective lunches. As they begin to eat, Kodaka shares some of his meal to Rika and vice versa, with Rika deliberately making perverted responses, much to Kodaka's chagrin. After finishing their lunch, and Rika agreeing to Kodaka's offer of making lunch for her, Kodaka and Rika begins to discuss Yozora. After explaining to Rika in detail on Yozora's current condition and her reaction towards Rika's blatant voice-mail,
Vol9 chp5

Kodaka feeding Rika.

an upset Rika reveals her liking to Yozora, which Kodaka agrees stating how the two have things in common, but Rika deduces that Yozora may not view Rika as a friend as the latter does to her. While wondering how Yozora had unexpectedly befriended Kobato, Rika also wonders about Sena's response to Yozora's state, adding she can no longer read Sena's reactions. Rika then recollects the time during Kodaka's confession to Sena, and how she anticipated and thought that Kodaka would have been rejected by Sena after Kodaka's display of prostration. However, as Sena hasn't rejected Kodaka's feelings after all, Rika remarks that, while Sena is simple, Rika also regards her as surprising and complex, Then, in a "strangely, threatening" tone, Rika remarks that she realized that Sena was indeed just a mere human being the day before, and states the possibility to fight or befriend her.
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