Birthday Party (With The Neighbors Club)
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Chapter 10
Volume Light Novel Volume 6
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It's A Date No Matter How You Look At It. Seriously, etc.
Birthday Party (With Kobato And Company)

Birthday Party (With The Neighbors Club) is chapter 69 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter ten of volume six.


In their birthday-themed, yet still-dull clubroom, Yukimura asks Kodaka about what one does at a birthday party. Finding no answer, Rika suggests on playing games but Yozora notes that the only games they have are Sena's galgames and Rika's PC games, while Sena suggests on playing Twister instead. Meanwhile, Kodaka receives a text from Kobato stating that she is not going to come to the clubroom. Kodaka convinces her to come by saying there is a big cake prepared for her. Immediately, Kobato enters the room and is welcomed by pops from party poppers, popped by each of the individuals in the clubroom after the other, much to Kodaka's dismay.
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Vol6 Ch10 Image

The Neighbor's Club celebrating Kobato's birthday.

. By then, Kobato's cake is shown to the latter as the others are fascinated by it whilst weirded out by Sena's choice of design on top of the cake. After singing a birthday song, Kobato blows all the candles on her cake and then proceeds on eating it. After eating, Kobato receives birthday gifts from her club-mates; in Sena's turn to present her gift, the others are taken aback as she presents Kobato with beef meat, whereas the others treat it as a joke as Sena annoyingly retorts back at them. After accepting their gifts, Kodaka notes that he and Kobato will have sukiyaki for dinner and then decide to end the party. As they head home, Kobato happily carries all her presents.
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