Black Hawk Down
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Chapter 5
Volume Light Novel Volume 10
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Black Hawk Down is chapter 117 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter five of volume ten.


While recapping past events and the rise in popularity for both Sena and Yozora in their respective gender demographic, Kodaka ponders to Rika why his reputation is at a stand-still. Rika points out Kodaka's appearance being a detractor and made analogies relating to light novels and other related material to prove her point despite tendencies of straying from the topic at hand. Though hesitant at first, Kodaka feels inspired by his club and its members and eventually decides to change his looks with Rika's help.

The following day, Rika guides Kodaka into a beauty parlor and introduces him to a stylist of heavy build. Feeling anxious and uneasy by the stylist and Rika's 'reassuring', the stylist grabs hold of Kodaka to prepare him for his makeup as he is at the point of escaping. To his surprise and relief, the stylist places a black wig onto Kodaka's head as per Rika following Kodaka's wishes of not dying his inherited hair color from his mother.

After settling with his hair, Kodaka and Rika proceed to an optician to purchase some eyewear for Kodaka. As Kodaka tries on some spectacles, Rika is having sexual fantasies of Kodaka and the stylist from the beauty parlor, much to Kodaka's retort.

Finishing with Kodaka's appearance, Rika then proceeds on changing Kodaka's manner of speaking and addressing himself into something more polite. Afterward, the duo strolls around to let Kodaka get accustomed to his new appearance and speech.

As the day sets, Kodaka expresses his satisfaction in being with Rika throughout the day and confirming that they will be friends forever before parting ways. Arriving at his house and greeting Kobato donning his new appearance, Kobato immediately goes hysterical and attempted to contact their father overseas until Kodaka is able to calm her down.

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