The Board Game Club is a social club at St. Chronica's Academy.


The club is first mentioned during a joint Neighbor's Club-Student Council trip at a ski resort by student council treasurer Karin Jinguuji, the head and founder of the Board Game Club, while brainstorming with Kodaka in coming up with an activity that would include both groups; a board game was then later decided upon.

As the name suggests, the club most likely engages and specializes in board games of all types and as such, each member is knowledgeable about every type and the how-tos of board games as evidenced by its only known member to date, Karin.


Karin JinguujiEdit

Interestingly enough, Karin refers to her club as her 'harem', implying that all of its members are attracted to her (at least in her eyes). This was most likely a result of Karin's bold and somewhat perverse advances towards the person/s she holds an interest towards. While there were some who fell under her prey which eventually became members of her club, other persons who also caught Karin's affection such as Kate Takayama and Yozora were spared mostly due to their disdain towards Karin's stalker-ish tendencies.

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