Haganai Japanese Manga Volume 1

Front cover of the first volume of the adapted manga series.

The Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai manga series, written and illustrated by Itachi, has been published in Media Factory's Monthly Comic Alive magazine since its May 2010 issue, released on March 27, 2010. Additionally, the series has been collected into seventeen tankōbon volumes as of January 23, 2018. Seven Seas Entertainment has licensed the series in North America under the title Haganai: I Don't Have Many Friends and currently has sixteen volumes released.


The story follows that of the original light novel series.

Kodaka Hasegawa, a transfer student of St. Chronica's Academy is having trouble in gaining friends as his schoolmates would commonly mistake him for a delinquent due to his appearance. 

Kodaka later meets Yozora Mikazuki, a natural loner who claims to have an air friend she calls "Tomo-chan". Knowing neither of them have skills or requirements in gaining friends, Yozora forms the Neighbor's Club - a club that intends to produce good neighbors towards their fellow students.

Consequently, the school chairman's only daughter - Sena Kashiwazaki - joins the club, as she is friendless due to her arrogant nature. Afterward, juniors such as Yukimura Kusunoki and Rika Shiguma join in. As well as Kodaka's little sister who has chuunibyou, Kobato Hasegawa. Likewise, Maria Takayama, a ten-year-old nun supervises the entire club.

As the Neighbor's Club, they take on activities that both gives them an insight on what to do with their future friends and a close friendship that is being shared between members.

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  • Several of the Japanese volumes have short booklets that are associated with them. These booklets contain mostly artwork. These could sometimes be obtained by purchasing the volumes through specific retailers.
  • Niconico began releasing the manga series on their website. Between July 20th and August 28th of 2018, Itachi released art almost daily on his Twitter to celebrate the release. You can view the art compiled here.