Haganai Bushiroad Card Game

The Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Victory Spark Trading Card Game is, as its name implies, a trading card game based on the Haganai anime series. The first set released mid-November of 2011, while the NEXT set launched sometime 2013. There are two different sets that have been released thus far. The Haganai set and the Haganai NEXT set. Its product line is Victory Spark and its maker is Bushiroad. They're sold in pre-constructed decks, boosters and boxes. Each booster has eight cards, and a box has between 10 and 20 boosters.


Box Set 1Edit

  • 116 cards

Box Set 2Edit

  • 120 cards


  • Special edition Victory Spark cards were released alongside all thirteen Japanese Haganai anime sets.
  • Bushiroad also sold various items associated with the card game like play mats and deck boxes.


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