Childhood Friend
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Chapter 9
Volume Light Novel Volume 7
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The Second Time

Childhood Friend is chapter 79 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter nine of volume seven.


Arriving in the club-room, Yozora announces that she has finished making the script for their movie as Sena scolds Rika for being an impostor after cosplaying Kobato. After reviewing the script, they were all taken back and complimented Yozora for her work. When deciding their roles, Yozora cuts Rika off as she declares that she has already chosen the roles of the characters. After knowing about their roles, Sena and Rika immediately object. After Yozora convinced Sena into her role, Rika announces her complaints as she sees Kodaka to be unfitting in his role, which the rest seem to agree, and the protagonists (Yozora and Kodaka) to be both flawless, which outcast them from the rest of the characters and the story's setting. While Yozora claims that she is perfect for her role, Rika announces that they should do a vote for the roles of the characters they see to be fitting for each. After the vote, the Neighbor's Club were all shocked after seeing their roles to be absurd (Ex. Kodaka playing as a little sister) and Kodaka asks to do a re-vote as Yukimura became nervous to her role in becoming the main character and Kodaka wishes her luck. Seeing Kodaka's role to be impossible for him, Yozora states that she will turn Kodaka's role into a little brother instead and Sena apologizes to Yozora for the interference in re-doing the whole script. After their exchange, Kodaka thought that seeing both girls apologizing and becoming embarrassed with each other is a rare sight that pleases him.

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