Comedy King Kodaka (& Kobato Joining Flag ③)
Bakushō-ō Kodaka ( & Kobato kanyū furagu 3)
Chapter Information
Chapter 7
Volume Light Novel Volume 2
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Little Sister

Comedy King Kodaka (& Kobato Joining Flag ③) (爆笑王小鷹(&小鳩加入フラグ3), Bakushō-ō Kodaka ( & Kobato kanyū furagu 3)) is chapter 19 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter seven of volume two.


After checking a book on comedy out from the library, Kodaka went to the club-room. Upon his arrival there, he found Maria and the latter informed Kodaka that Yozora went to use the toilet. After patting Maria's head as she promised to trust Kodaka from then on, Kodaka took out his comedy book. Knowing that the comedy book Kodaka's reading isn't funny, Kodaka began telling Maria his version of the jokes, and as she did, Maria heartily laughed in each and every one of them. Maria then shared her potato chips with Kodaka as her reward for him for telling her those jokes while Kodaka advised Maria to not constantly eat potato chips which Kodaka noted to be unhealthy for her but Maria claimed that she is not fond of the food provided to her by the Sisters of the Academy. From thereafter, Maria fell asleep and Kodaka noticed someone peeking over by the club-room's door which was revealed to be the other members of the Neighbor's Club, and suspected Kodaka as a lolicon and unfortunate as his jokes only works on Maria, as stated by Yozora, much to Kodaka's dismay.

Later that night, at the Hasegawa Residence, as the two siblings have dinner, Kodaka tried telling his jokes to Kobato and as he did, Kobato only made weird impressions. But after Maria's name was mentioned by Kodaka, much to the displeasure of Kobato, the latter (in Leysis mode) warned Kodaka on interacting with Maria as Kodaka can only carelessly agree to her, much to Kobato's chagrin.

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