Comparing Answers
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Chapter 8
Volume Light Novel Volume 4
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Comparing Answers is chapter 45 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter eight of volume four.


By the end of their finals, Kodaka is relieved once and for all, as he and Yozora walk together on their way to the clubroom. As they were, Yozora brings up a topic about "comparing answers" which are done after tests by normal people. Though she despises the thought of it, Yozora and Kodaka engage in comparing answers as practice for making friends. As they go through with it, Sena suddenly arrives and answers one of Kodaka's question, much to Yozora's annoyance. After Sena is able to correctly answer all of Yozora questions, the latter storms off, agitated. Sena soon follows after her, trying to convince Yozora to ask her more questions, regardless of how difficult they may be. Denying Sena's plea, Yozora instead compares answers with her air friend, as Sena keeps calling out to Yozora.


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