Chapter Information
Chapter 13
Volume Light Novel Volume 9
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Both Student Council Members
Yozora Mikazuki's Family Situation

Complete is chapter 111 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter thirteen of volume nine.


After some back and forth at the baths and to their rooms, Kodaka couldn't seem to relax in Pegasus' company. In desperation, Kodaka goes to the mixed baths, assuming that they were unoccupied given the conditions. 

Inside the baths, Kodaka finds a lone Rika trash-talking her peers. Eventually, Rika takes notice of Kodaka and covers herself as the latter gets in the baths, relieving himself from the cold temperature. With both of them in a pinch, Kodaka wonders why Rika had not gone together with the other girls in their respective section of the baths. Rika states that it's embarrassing for her to join alongside them in the baths due to her 'inferior appearance' as compared to her peers and club-mates, However, Kodaka earnestly declares otherwise, to the point of imploring Rika just so he can convince her to think she is in fact, 'cute'. In response, Rika asks Kodaka to shift his gaze towards her, despite being nude. In doing so, Rika again asks Kodaka if she is indeed cute, to which Kodaka confirms followed by Rika asking Kodaka if he wants to fondle her breasts, much to Kodaka's retort. After Kodaka scolds Rika for seeing his genitals, Rika embraces Kodaka from behind. In Kodaka's shock, Rika tells Kodaka that it is her way of saying thanks for calling her 'cute'. Moments later, Rika releases Kodaka and leaves the bath, leaving Kodaka feeling extremely anxious.


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