Consolation Party
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Chapter 11
Volume Light Novel Volume 2
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Prologue: Farewell

Consolation Party (残念会, Zan'nen-kai) is chapter 23 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter eleven of volume two.


As summer break begins the next day, the Neighbor's Club made a sullen expression on their faces, as they deemed that they won't be able to meet with each other until then. As they (Kodaka, Yukimura, Sena) note about their reputation getting worse, and Yozora teasing Maria with some potato chips, Yozora declared that their club will still continue to undergo club activities throughout the summer, as Yozora considers it as the season for the "Normals", and aims to heighten their social and friend-making skills or be humiliated if they don't. Afterwards, Sena remarked that the reason why they've failed so far is because of Yozora's incompetence after Yozora asked the other members of the Neighbor's Club to give thought about their failure in making friends. Due to this, Yozora began flinging offensive insults at Sena causing the latter to leave the clubroom crying whilst throwing childish insults at Yozora.

While Sena was out, Kodaka thanked Yozora for the enjoyable month they had after the Neighbor's Club establishment causing Yozora to blush as she covered her face with her book. Meanwhile, Sena returned inside the club-room and came to invite Kodaka to come visit their estate at the request of her father. Hearing this, Yozora instantly asked out of curiosity why Kodaka is visiting Sena's house. Before answering, Sena told him to keep the reason (Sena's father is the reason Kodaka and Kobato are currently learning at his school) a secret instead or it might cause complications, as stated by Sena. Agreeing on Sena's claim, Yozora then made a disquieted expression as Sena remarked that the latter has nothing to do why Kodaka's visiting her estate before taking her leave at the club-room. Kodaka, having felt a bad premonition in the near future, then thought about reaching the turning point of his life in St. Chronica's Academy, along with the start of summer break.

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