Cowardly Pride and Pompous Shame
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Chapter 5
Volume Light Novel Volume 8
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Turning Their Backs on the Light
The Friend-Making Game

Cowardly Pride and Pompous Shame is chapter 92 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter five of volume eight.


After their school's festival, the usual classes in St. Chronica's Academy began. During Kodaka's class, Yozora was chosen to answer a lecture question asked by their teacher, but was unable to do so, leaving Yozora utterly embarrassed. After class as Kodaka and Yozora head to the club-room, Yozora makes an outrage on her mistake and continuously insults her teacher. After Yozora lectures Kodaka on literature, and at the same, criticizing Japan's educational system, Kodaka brought up the topic of Yozora's plagiarism after Yozora mentions that even skilled authors make mistakes, leaving Yozora silent. Kodaka then recalls that he was lost in thought on how their classmate was able to answer the question Yozora's wasn't able to answer with ease and thought that asking others for help makes it sound nonchalant.

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