Dancing Mad
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Chapter 8
Volume Light Novel Volume 8
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Dancing Mad is chapter 95 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter eight of volume eight.


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Maria showing gratitude for Sena.

As the Neighbor's Club continues with their usual activities, Aoi Yusa once again returns to the club-room, claiming that she now has an illegitimate reason for the Neighbor's Club's disapprobation. The claimed reason turns out to point at the club's adviser: Maria Takayama, who surprisingly isn't a sister or teacher at the academy at all, leading the Neighbor's Club to immediate disbandment, as pointed out by Aoi. Heavily doubtful, Kodaka came to check on Kate to ask for confirmation. To Kodaka's dismay, Kate nonchalantly confirms Aoi's claim of Maria not being an actual sister. Hanging up the phone, Kodaka reports to the rest of the Neighbor's Club about Maria's false title of being a sister, leading Maria to apologize to her fellow club-mates. As Aoi declares that the Neighbor's Club is to be disbanded, Sena cuts off Aoi and leaves the club-room. While outside, Kodaka offers Aoi some coffee as Yukimura expresses her regret for not poisoning Aoi through the coffee. Moments later, Sena returns to the club-room and declares that Maria is now appointed as the club's special temporary lecturer, saving the club from disbandment. As Aoi protested towards Sena, Sena scolds Aoi and threatens her by expulsion from the academy. A frightened Aoi apologizes towards the Neighbor's Club and leaves the club-room.

Afterward, Maria hugs Sena for having appointed her as teacher as Yozora accuses Sena of being the villain due to her actions, causing Sena to retort. Rika then questions Sena if she only frightened Aoi only because she can immediately get back to playing her game. Sena confirms to Rika's question as both she and Yozora get back to bickering one another. Meanwhile, Kodaka states that as long as they had members like Sena and Yozora, anyone who dares to face the Neighbor's Club will be defeated.

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Sena confessing.

Out of the blue, Sena calls out Kodaka, asking him to marry her out of her love for him, much to the surprise of everyone as Kodaka harshly reacts upon hearing this. After losing her game, Sena faces Kodaka and the latter feigning ignorance to her confession. But despite this, Sena admits that she was supposed to confess to Kodaka in the future. Faced with Sena's overwhelming beauty and mixed gazes from his fellow club-mates, Kodaka flees the club-room.

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