Dark Knight Rising
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Chapter 7
Volume Light Novel Volume 10
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Be My Friend (chapter)

Dark Knight Rising is chapter 119 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter seven of volume ten.


During Christmas Eve, Kodaka and Sena attend mass half-way through and witness Kobato and Maria's play on 'The Gift of the Magi'. The pair leaves the chapel and together they attend their academy's Christmas party by their gymnasium, where they are greeted by Aoi. Once inside, Sena is immediately flocked by her male admirers vying to present their Christmas gifts to her, prompting Kodaka to take his leave from Sena's company.

Yozora calls out to Kodaka as the latter thanks her for her work in solely managing the prior preparations crucial to their Christmas party. As she sends Kodaka for an errand, Yozora asks Kodaka if she did well pulling off a 'cool guy' act by emulating other people, much to Kodaka's agreement.

Their Chrismas party starts off with Hinata greeting the guests by reading off from cue cards written and held up by Yozora. As the sisters return to studying, Kodaka manages in handing guests their food. As Kodaka returns to the party venue to stock up on some food, he passes by the Rika Room and convinces Rika to attend their Christmas party together as friends.

Back in the venue, as Rika directs herself to the crowded buffet table, Kodaka witnesses Sena being ganged up by a group of four girls. The girls accuse Sena of ogling one of their friend's crush after he gifted her with a Christmas present earlier. As Sena attempts to pacify the situation by handing out all the gifts she received from the boys to the four girls, one of the girls shoves all the gifts and a handbag from Sena, forcing them to drop on the ground. Enraged, Sena badmouths the girls in public to the verge of them crying. The crowd around them soon starts criticizing Sena until someone calls her out for being friendless, much to Sena's embarrassment.

Just as Kodaka is about to step in to stop the commotion, Yozora appears to defend Sena, badmouthing the crowd in a declaiming manner. Afterwards, several male students approach the two girls in anger, prompting Kodaka to try and save them. However, Rika pulls Kodaka aside and questions his intentions. Though feeling regrettable for throwing away the effort and positive impressions people have had for him until now thanks mostly to his new appearance, Kodaka removes his wig and glasses as Rika pushes him to the fray. Kodaka lets out a cry, garnering the crowd's attention towards him. After hitting a male student that was approaching Yozora, Kodaka once again lets out a cry, declaring a rape-fest and claiming sex slaves for himself. Immediately, hordes of male students rush to attack Kodaka until he is stopped after Matsuyama performs a judo shoulder throw on him.

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