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Chapter 3
Volume Light Novel Volume 10
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Who's the Liar?

Daybreak (暁, Akatsuki) is chapter 115 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter three of volume ten.


At about 8 in the morning, all students and Pegasus are now on their way back to the academy. After coercing Karin to have Yozora sit in the nearest possible way to Hinata, Kodaka - who is sitting behind Hinata and Akane - asks Aoi - who is sitting in front alongside Yukimura - about the elections for the next student council members. Aoi reveals to Kodaka that she would be running for the position of student council president, along with Karin as vice-president, although the positions of secretary, treasurer, and general affairs manager were still undecided. Afterwards, in the midst of Hinata and Akane's conversation, Maria decides to interrupt and tutors Hinata on some basic Mathematical problems. Here, Kodaka discovers that instead of discussing student council-related work, Akane and Hinata were reviewing notes for their university entrance exams. Realizing that Hinata is rather late on reviewing basic Mathematical lessons whilst recalling the praises and compliments he had heard about her, Akane reveals to Kodaka that Hinata is not actually intellectually gifted, much to his shock. In the midst of Kodaka's bewilderment of the sudden truth about Hinata, the latter proudly declares that it is foolish for judging a person based solely on appearances. Behind Hinata, a delighted Yozora calls her sister an 'idiot', much to Hinata's childish retort. As Akane clarifies to Yozora that her sister is a complete dunce and the chances of Hinata graduating is slim, Akane asks Yozora to personally tutor Hinata. In Yozora's surprise, Akane explains that Yozora is the suitable tutor given her academic excellence, sharp tongue, as evidence in their debate during the Werewolf game, whilst considering the fact that Hinata is her sister. As Yozora stays reluctant on accepting Akane's request, the latter asks Yozora if she would be fine with Hinata ending up on the same grade level as her. Immediately, Yozora calls out to Hinata and mockingly asks her to call her "Sensei", much to Hinata's retort. As both sisters continue to argue with Yozora belittling Hinata, Yozora tells her sister that they will immediately begin their tutoring session the minute they arrive back to the academy, with Akane and the rest of the student council handling Hinata's workload on preparing for their upcoming Christmas party. As Yozora makes a statement of morphing Hinata's dull mind to acceptable levels whilst feeling dumbfounded of her sister's empty-headedness, Yozora sends Kodaka a typo-ed text of thanks whilst calling him a meddler.


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