Divine Sword Zemi
Chapter Information
Chapter 12
Volume Light Novel Volume 11
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Kobato and Maria

Divine Sword Zemi is chapter 133 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter twelve of volume eleven.


While contemplating on how he could contribute to Kobato's studies, Kodaka found a leaflet about the 'Magical Sword Correspondence Course' in their house mailbox. The leaflet details a study guide and its contents are presented through a comic.

The comic tells of a story between Masamune and his rival Kotetsu, with the former being envious towards the latter for his superior academic performance and romantic endeavor towards Claiomh Solais, Masamune's love interest. Kotetsu, nonetheless, shares the secret to his successes to Masamune, revealing the 'Magical Sword Correspondence Course'. Following his rival's advice, Masamune indeed saw positive effects on his academics and has gained himself a lover through Claiomh. For that, Masamune thank the aforementioned course and his friend Kotetsu for giving him a happy end.  

Moved by the comic's story, Kodaka purchases the 'Magical Sword Correspondence Course' for himself and presents it to his fellow clubmates. After taking on the study guide, only Sena felt dissatisfied as it was incompatible to her given that she's already academically-gifted. Kodaka later reflects while it failed as a club activity, the guide would prove beneficial to Hinata and Kobato.

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