Everyone at the Pool
Chapter Information
Chapter 8
Volume Light Novel Volume 3
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Demon Astaroth's Arrival!!

Everyone at the Pool is chapter 31 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter eight of volume three.


Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai v03 image 7

Kodaka anxious about Yukimura's body.

Three days after its approval, the Neighbor's Club were on their way to the pool via a bus. During the bus ride, Yozora and Rika were nauseous, due to the number of people on it, while Yukimura and Sena were garnering attention on the bus. Leaving the bus, Kodaka found out about a 50% sale on the pool's entry fee which brought the many people from the city visiting the pool resort, much to Yozora's distress. In changing in their swimwear, Kodaka felt uneasiness as Yukimura was with him changing into "his" swimwear while Sena was puzzled after seeing Yukimura in a girl's swimsuit after the latter and Kodaka finished changing. Seeing the pool crowded with people, much to Kobato and Yukimura's dismay, Sena and Kodaka decided to wait there for Yozora and Rika to come - who were still sick from the bus ride. Moments later, as the duo weren't able to come, Sena came to search for them only to found out that they've headed home via a text to Sena after showing it to Kodaka. Afterward, the rest of the group visited the other parts of the pool but after seeing it as crowded as with the other pools in the resort, Sena, Kodaka, Yukimura and Kobato all decided to head home.

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