Father's Return
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Chapter 2
Volume Light Novel Volume 11
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Father's Return is chapter 123 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter two of volume eleven.


Two days after their Christmas party, Kodaka's official list of punishments were announced to the students of St. Chronica's. This includes submitting an apology letter, suspension from school and being precluded from participating in their school's ski trip, despite Sena's attempt to devolve Kodaka's sentence. Kodaka appeases Sena over the issue of his punishment through a telephone call. Continuing their conversation, the two discuss Kodaka's relationship with Yukimura and his plan of retiring from the Neighbor's Club. Sena insists Kodaka to stay with the club even if she and Yozora end up fighting over him, but adds that it is still a normal occurrence amongst friends. Moreover, Sena abhors the idea of Yukimura having Kodaka only for herself if both are free from the Neighbor's Club, which at this point Sena concludes her conversation with Kodaka.

Hayato returns home from his job in America, surprising both his children. After embracing Kobato, Hayato and Kodaka discuss the latter's recent incident at their school but then sets the topic aside when Hayato mentions his year-long homestay in Japan. When Hayato mentions his son having trouble bringing his girlfriend at their house due to his father being present, Kodaka let slip of the fact that he indeed has a girlfriend, shocking both his father and younger sister; thus continues the daily lives of the Hasegawas.

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