Footsteps of Horror (aka The School Festival)
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Chapter 2
Volume Light Novel Volume 6
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Footsteps of Horror (aka The School Festival) is chapter 61 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter two of volume six.


Albeit the Neighbor's Club now knew of Yozora and Kodaka's past friendship, things went on as they normally would in the club-room. After hearing some in-game dialogue in Sena's gal-game, Kodaka remarked about their school's upcoming festival causing the others in the club-room to halt on what they're doing. Yozora then exclaimed to Kodaka that their school festival is an event made by Normals for Normals and Kodaka can only nod in agreement. Hearing they will no longer participate, Sena retorted and declared that she had made a spectacular performance in last year's school festival. Rika, who claimed to have watched Sena at that time, pointed out to the latter her and the audience's, as well as the participant's, reactions while Sena was performing on both sports and cultural festivals, which were found to be embarrassing. Realizing this, Yozora flung insults at Sena and Yozora mumbled on going out with Kodaka on the day of the festival. Before finishing her sentence, Sena cut Yozora mid-way and solely declared that their club will participate in their upcoming school festival and as practice for when they will do it with friends in the future. As everyone agreed with Sena's claim, Yozora, who was sulking, also approved of their club's participation as she declared that they'll use their power to send the Normals enjoying to the depths of hell. As the girls agreed on Yozora's declaration, Kodaka was taken aback by Yozora's extremity and hence, their next activity was decided.

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