Fortune Telling
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Chapter 4
Volume Light Novel Volume 6
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Fortune Telling is chapter 63 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter four of volume six.


After hearing about fortune telling on their TV, Kodaka brought up the subject to his club-mates as a suggestion for their booth to the cultural festival. Asking whether or not he believed in fortune telling, Kodaka denied and Sena denied also as she claimed to have possessed that greatest luck of all. Yozora agreed on Sena's claim but pointed out to her that her luck reached its peak and won't be able to go any higher. While Sena was shocked, Yozora went further into detail by mentioning Sena's lonesome experience in her class activities and the hatred expressed by most of her classmates towards her. Rika and Yukimura pitied Sena as Yozora reassured her of having friends -- in her game, causing Sena to retort harshly. Meanwhile, Yozora thought of having a fortune telling booth isn't a bad idea. When Kodaka came to ask Yozora if she believes in fortune telling, Yozora denied as she once claimed to had analyzed and checked every fortune telling articles and TV shows and recorded everything in detail that happened to her everyday and then determined whether the predictions are accurate or not and resulted that 50% are accurate but are mostly just coincidental events and hence, Yozora does not believe in fortune telling, which shocked both Rika and Kodaka for going that far as Kodaka questioned Yozora why she is with the idea of fortune telling despite not believing in them. Yozora explained that she can't think of anything more pleasurable than taking money from Normals through fortune telling which they convey by spewing anything random as the rest were stunned by Yozora's declaration.

Afterward, Yozora made a demonstration by telling Sena's fortune. By then, the room was pitch black and Yozora began her fortune telling of Sena. While Sena grasped and believed in everything Yozora complied in her fortune telling, Kodaka and Rika conversed about the Barnum Effect -- which is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when someone starts thinking about general statements that can be applied to anyone are actually being made specifically about that someone. Meanwhile, Yozora fooled Sena into doing something nonsensical to grant her blessings, and Sena completely obeyed Yozora while the latter was trying hold back her laughter from seeing Sena's reaction to her farce fortune telling.

That evening, Sena sent a text to Kodaka that she was punished by her father, but added that she'll be happier in the end. Realizing that Sena actually did Yozora's idea of granting her blessings, Kodaka replied by telling Sena to search about the Barnum Effect.

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