Haganai Koshiki Grandpa

Character Information
Gender Male
Job Soldier (former)
Fighter Jet Pilot (former)
Manga Debut A Certain Aviator's Reminiscences

Character OverviewEdit

He is an old man that appeared in volume one of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Kōshiki Anthology Comic series.


He became a Japanese soldier and went on to become a fighter jet pilot at some point. Toward the ending of the war, he was hit during air combat and was somehow able to safely land on an island. There, he met an enemy soldier and they had a standoff. Before a battle could start, they were attacked by The Lord of The Island, but they were able to take it down by working together. After that, the two soldiers became best friends and still talk to this day.


He is an old man with a bald head. He wore a light-colored sweatshirt and used a cane to walk.

In his youth, during the war, he wore a Japanese aviator's uniform.


He is one to get excited when one mentions how long he's lived. He's happy when his "words of wisdom" get through to younger people.

In his youth, he described himself as being inherently stubborn, unskilled and prideful which resulted in him having no one he could call a friend.



In the past, as a soldier, he undoubtedly carried a large range of skills. His job being a fighter jet pilot. He was a certified swordsman of the versatile Hiten Michururi Style. He boasts that he can strike like a bullet with his long-range Special Fang Collision Lick Ceremony Attack. With the assistance of his soldier friend, using the dream collaboration of the Hiten Michururi Style and the Can=Data, he was able to take down The Lord of The Island almost instantly.

Plot OverviewEdit

Yozora Mikazuki became acquainted with him and brought him to the Neighbor's Club one day to assist them with their friend making escapades. When Yozora mentions his longevity, he tells the Neighbors Club his story. He later gets excited when Yozora takes his "words of wisdom" to heart.

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