Grandpa's friend

Haganai Grandpa's friend

Character Information
Gender Male
Job Soldier (presumably former)
Manga Debut A Certain Aviator's Reminiscences

Character OverviewEdit

He is a longtime friend of Grandpa's that appeared in volume one of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Kōshiki Anthology Comic series.


He became a soldier at some point in the past. Toward the ending of the war, he met an enemy soldier on an island and they had a standoff. Before a battle could start, they were attacked by The Lord of The Island, but they were able to take it down by working together. After that, the two soldiers became best friends and still talk to this day.


During the war, he wore a soldier's uniform.


He is interested in Japan's culture. He also seemed to have a bad memory.


In the past, as a soldier, he undoubtedly carried a large range of skills. He used a handgun in combat. If his gun couldn't be used, he'd use his Ultra-Close Combat Technique: Can=Data. With the assistance of his soldier friend, using the dream collaboration of the Hiten Michururi Style and the Can=Data, he was able to take down The Lord of The Island almost instantly.

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