Haganai: I Don't Have Many Friends vol. 3

Haganai Japanese Manga Volume 3

Release Date Japanese - September 22, 2011
English - June 4, 2013
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Haganai: I Don't Have Many Friends vol. 3 is volume three of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai manga series. This volume features Kobato and Kodaka Hasegawa on its cover.


Existing members Yozora Mikazuki and Sena Kashiwazaki (two beautiful girls to be avoided) and Yukimura Kusunoki (a boy dressed as a lovely? and female? and maid?) are joined by a young nun and a girl genius who push all the limits. How will this affect Kodaka Hasegawa (the only one with common sense, although that doesn’t mean he has any friends either)? And then there’s his little sister, with a look in her eyes that says she’s hatching a sinister plot...!


Thank you so much for reading it! I appreciate it! - Itachi

Hello, this is Hirasaka, the original series creator. Thank you very much for purchasing the third volume of Haganai: I Don't Have Many Friends. Now that the little sister, the even littler nun and the perverted scientist have joined the fray, all of the members of the Neighbor's Club are finally here! Please enjoy their daily misadventures as they descend into further chaos. I was personally moved by how adorable and vividly violent Rika and Maria are in the manga version compared to the original light novels. I can't wait to see future chapters! - Yomi Hirasaka

It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Misaki Harukawa, and I'm in charge of the script for Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Plus. Every month, I look forward to seeing the very unfortunate appearances of the Neighbor's Club members as drawn by Itachi-sensei--especially Yozora! I just love the lively look ob her face as she torments Sena...

I continue to look forward to Itachi-sensei's ever-expanding Haganai world. I'll have to work hard to avoid being left behind! Please check out Haganai +! And congratulations on making it to volume 3, Itachi-sensei! - Misaki Harukawa

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