Cheer Illustration volume 1

The Haganai Cheer Illustration Books are a set of short doujin art books by various illustrators. They were published by Tokyo Association Gymnastics Group and were sold at events like Comiket. There are at least three volumes in the set.


The guides contain full-color artwork done by various artists.

Volume InformationEdit

Release Date: -

  • Volume One: August 12, 2012
  • Volume Two: December 31, 2012
  • Volume Three: August 11, 2013

Page Count: -

  • Volume One: 24
  • Volume Two: 20
  • Volume Three: 28

List of known illustratorsEdit

List may be incomplete

  • Chiaki Tarou
  • Keiji Watarai
  • King Mitsu
  • Mina Ootaka
  • Yuuki Rika
  • Hinata Mutsuki
  • bomi
  • Hiiragi Otaru


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