Hasegawa Kodaka
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Chapter 1
Volume Haganai: I Don't Have Many Friends vol. 1
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Club Preparations: Something Resembling a Prologue! (AKA: Presenting the Characters!)
Yozora & Sena

Hasegawa Kodaka is chapter one of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai manga series. It is chapter one of volume one.


Kodaka Hasegawa is a new student who's been at St. Chronica's Academy for a month now. Due to his appearance, having dirty blond hair, he's looked at by other students with contempt and fear. One day, upon forgetting something in his classroom, Kodaka heads back and hears a girl talking on the other side of the door. He listens for a bit and then heads inside. The girl was Yozora Mikazuki, one of Kodaka's classmates who also has no friends. He discovers that there's no one else in the room and begins questioning her, asking if she can see ghosts or something. She goes on to tell Kodaka about her air-friend, Tomo. The two continue to talk about friends, and eventually, Kodaka grans what he came for and heads home.

The next day, Kodaka finds Yozora again. She explains that she's started the Neighbor's Club as a way to make friends and signed Kodaka up for it, much to his dismay.

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