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Chapter 8
Volume Light Novel Volume 9
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The Honor of the Dejected Loser

Hero (英雄, Eiyuu) is chapter 106 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter eight of volume nine.


Arriving home, Kodaka is welcomed by a sight of Yozora shakingly grasping on a kitchen knife. Terrified, Kodaka pleads to Yozora to not stab him, leading Yozora to retort towards Kodaka's misunderstanding. As it turns out, Yozora and Kobato were working together to cook a meal but Yozora admits that she can't use kitchen knives properly, let alone cook. As a result, Kodaka was left to cook their meal as usual.

At their dining table, Kodaka asks Yozora about what she's been doing for the day. Yozora replies that she was watching Kurogane no Necromancer under Kobato's recommendations, sparking a new interest from her towards simple storylines, such as the setting in Kurogane no Necromancer where justice triumphs over evil and goodness prevails. As Yozora and Kodaka contemplate that their world doesn't reflect that in the said anime show, Yozora brought back her former interest towards super power-themed characters, whereas Kodaka retells Yozora's attempts of imitating a super-power move that resulted in her injury back when they were children, much to Yozora's embarrassment. Afterward, Yozora ponders how her former interests towards heroes, magical girls and belief in justice come to such an unworthy end.

Later, after watching an entire second season of the anime show, Yozora and Kobato hold a video game match. While being a novice at first, Yozora later proves herself to be an equal match for Kobato in video gaming by using her well-versed memory of the anime adaption of the video game. As they continue with their match, Kodaka reminds the two of returning to the club. Omitting Sena's name, instead, Kodaka informs Kobato that Maria has been lonely without her. Arriving at the decision of returning to the clubroom, Kobato and Yozora agree on returning together, much to Kodaka's relief.


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