Himeko Kusunoki
Kusunoki Himeko
Character Information
Gender Female
Job President of Peerless Games gaming company
Family Yukimura Kusunoki (daughter)
Unnamed husband
Novel Debut Mother

Character OverviewEdit

Himeko Kusonoki is Yukimura Kusunoki's mother. She makes an appearance late in the light novel series.


As described by Kodaka Hasegawa; Himeko appears to be in her mid-twenties. She has flaxen hair and a slender figure. She also wore a suit, the only thing she wears when meeting with others. Yukimura says that she always wears a jersey when at home or in office.


According to Rika Shiguma, Himeko prides herself on being famous amongst both male and female gamers. She is a kind, calm and sincere individual. She cares deeply for her daughter, Yukimura.


  • Princess Himeko, the God Creator
  • Charisma Creator

Plot OverviewEdit

Sometime in late April, Yukimura informs Kodaka that she has told her mother about the two of them being in a relationship. Himeko requested Yukimura have Kodaka meet her at her home. Kodaka agrees to go to the Kusunokis' home during Golden Week. Himeko meets with Kodaka and Yukimura prepares them tea. She chats with him about his hair as well as about his relationship with her daughter. Himeko mentions that she's concerned about Kodaka and Yukimura having sex, to which Yukimura asks if it'd be okay. Himeko says that only after they've had a year of platonic dating. Himeko later gives Kodaka a pre-release version of a new game.


  • Rika mentions that Himeko is in her top five for most respected people.
  • Himeko has ranked first place for five consecutive years in a magazine's poll for favorite female creator.
  • Considering Yukimura's name, it's likely that Himeko's name means Japanese white pine or small pine.
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