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Hinata Hidaka

Hinata Hidaka Profile

日高 日向
Hidaka Hinata
Character Information
Gender Female
Age 18
  • High School Student
  • Student Council President (formerly)
Class 3-3 (Formerly)
School St. Chronica's Academy
Japanese Voice Yoko Hikasa
English Voice Brittney Karbowski
Novel Debut King Lear
Anime Debut NEXT Episode 10


When introduced, Hinata Hidaka was a senior student of St. Chronica's Academy from class 3-3. Born from a noble family, Hinata is also adored by most of her underclassmen and peers alike, leading her to be elected as Student Council President twice. 

Character HistoryEdit

School festivalEdit

At the start of the athletics festival, Hinata gave her opening speech towards the many participants. Before long, the festival commences and Hinata only joining the festival's ball toss due to the instructions made by the staff and fellow Council members, much to Hinata's chagrin

Crisis within the Neighbor's ClubEdit

After sneaking away from work and Vice-president Akane, Hinata heads outside the campus to interact with its students. At the same time she heard rumors of a student assisting her fellow Council member, Aoi and heads to their location.

At a shed outside their school building, Hinata founds Aoi and the rumored student and compliments for their hard work. Shocked, Aoi reacts to Hinata's presence and deduces that the latter has again found her way of disregarding her duties. Yet Hinata heartily states that it is also her responsibility of interacting with the students of the academy, much to Aoi's vexation. Afterward, Aoi introduces Hinata to Kodaka and vice versa, as Hinata pretends of being already aware of Kodaka's identity, further annoying Aoi. Hinata then mistook Kodaka as Aoi's boyfriend for helping the latter, a claim which Aoi and Kodaka denied greatly. Knowing this, Hinata iterates her question to Kodaka and discovers his eagerness in helping others - praising Kodaka as a result. With that, Hinata offers to help the duo yet Aoi protests, telling Hinata to do her own work as president. But nonetheless; not wanting to bother Kodaka any further, Aoi accepts Hinata's offer in finishing their work.

After finishing work and her usual conversation with Kodaka, Hinata offers Kodaka a spot in the Student Council as their general affairs manager, shocking both Kodaka and Aoi. As the latter also insists on the idea, Kodaka reveals to Hinata and Aoi his true reputation in the academy: by being mistaken as a delinquent, as Kodaka states that hiring him would mean embarrassment for the whole Council. However, Hinata declares that she couldn't care less about her reputation tarnished and her negative outlook towards people who shows prejudice to others due to outward appearances. Unfortunately, Kodaka rejects Hinata's offer but promises that he would still assist the Council as much as he can, much to Hinata's excitement.

And as promised, Kodaka continued to assist the Student Council in a course of a week. On one instance, Kodaka enters the Student Council room and accidentally found its female members half-naked, much to Kodaka's embarrassment.

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