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Chapter 3
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History (歴史, Naaytisi) is chapter 26 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter three of volume three.


After eating lunch, Kodaka immediately went to school. Arriving in the club-room, he was then greeted by Yukimura, who informed Kodaka that Yozora and Sena has yet to arrive. After asking about Maria's meals, Yukimura told Kodaka that "he" force fed Maria with cans of protein, which Yukimura considered to be healthy and added that "he" now realized how Hashiba Hideyoshi felt when executing a ten-year-old Manpukumaru. Fearing this, Kodaka instructed Yukimura to serve meals for Maria which she desires and not repeating the tragedy of Manpukumaru and Yukimura agreed.

Settling down on the sofa, Kodaka felt uneasy and asked Yukimura to stop staring at him. Upset, Yukimura asked Kodaka if "he" is a bother to him which Kodaka clarified by saying "he's" not.

Yukimura: "If there is anything unsatisfactory regarding my behavior I will fix it immediately, so I beg of you, Aniki, please allow me to stay by your side."

Hearing this, Kodaka felt rather guilty and told Yukimura to do anything that pleases "him". After finishing reading, Kodaka decided to head home as no one came in the club-room all along and parted ways with Yukimura.

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