Hot Springs Paradise

Hot springs

Location Unnamed prefecture (near Yokoshima Wonderland) next to Tooya City
Novel Debut Volume 5: Chapter 6
Anime Debut NEXT Episode 4

Hot Springs Paradise is a hot spring located by Tooya City. It mainly serves as a relaxation spot for tired costumers coming from the adjacent amusement park. The establishment also provides a laundromat, shower rooms, and numerous kinds of baths, among other things.

Plot OverviewEdit

After their trip to Yokoshima Wonderland, the Neighbor's Club members head to Hot Spring Paradise to clean themselves up. Maria goes to the men's side due to Yozora and Sena smelling like vomit from riding the Black Dragon roller coaster eight times in a row. Yukimura attempts to wash Kodaka's back to which he at first refuses but ends up allowing due to Yukimura being saddened. Maria points out Kodaka's penis and asks why Yukimura doesn't have one, much to Kodaka's shock. Yukimura says it's because she hasn't entirely matured yet.

After the baths, the club members are all shocked to find out that Yukimura is actually a girl. Kodaka requests Rika make Yukimura believe she's a girl as he had little luck in doing so. Rika brings her into the hall and tells her that she lacks a "yaoi hole." Yukimura comes back and breaks the truth to Kodaka (who clearly isn't surprised). He tells her that it's because she's obviously not a man which upsets her. He asks what caused her to believe she was male all this time. She answers that it was due to family circumstances. Kodaka ends up comforting Yukimura in her distress. Yozora, jealous of Yukimura's attachment to Kodaka, breaks down. They later head home on a train.

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