Hot Springs
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Chapter 6
Volume Light Novel Volume 5
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Amusement Park ~ Vomit Chapter ~
A Tale of the Unattached and the Unlucky

Hot Springs is chapter 54 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter six of volume five.


After Sena and Yozora were scolded by the park's janitor for the mess they had made, the Neighbor's Club decide to go to a neighboring hot springs area. There, Kodaka places his vomit-covered clothes before going to the baths as Maria tags alongside him and Yukimura. When Kodaka asks Maria why she is following them to the men's baths, Maria bluntly answers that she does not want to take a bath with Sena and Yozora who both reek of vomit. With that being said, Kodaka agrees on letting Maria join them.

In the baths, after undressing and escaping Yukimura from the changing area, Kodaka goes to the baths with Maria and showers himself, getting rid of the sweat and dirt from his body. As he washes himself, Yukimura offers to wash Kodaka's back, only for Kodaka disallowing Yukimura to do so. In anguish, Yukimura storms off (naked) in sadness as "he" thought of "himself" useless to Kodaka and as such, intends to commit seppuku. Seeing Yukimura running away, Kodaka quickly clarifies himself to Yukimura by ordering "him" to wash his back, much to Yukimura's joy.

As Yukimura scrubs Kodaka's back, Kodaka feels uneasy hearing Yukimura's "sexy" pants and prays for "him" to stop. While doing so, Maria removes the towel from Kodaka's waist, revealing to her his crotch. As Kodaka's genitals fascinate Maria, the latter asks why Kodaka possessed it as Kodaka explains to her that all men have it. Puzzled, Maria follows up a question as to why Yukimura does not have a male genital, much to Kodaka's surprise. Yukimura explains that "he" is still too inexperienced and claims that "he" has much to learn from Kodaka before growing one. As Yukimura and Maria's conversation leave Kodaka shocked and speechless, Kodaka quickly turns around to discover Yukimura's female body. As Kodaka stares at Yukimura's crotch, fazed by the fact that Yukimura has no male genitals and that she is in fact biologically female, Yukimura covers her chest as Kodaka claims that someone so cute cannot be a male.


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