I shall return to the Rika Room!
Rikashitsu e Kerasete Itadakimasu!
Chapter Information
Chapter 9
Volume Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Kōshiki Anthology vol. 1
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How to Make Friends with Karaoke
A Tragedy of the Potato Chips of Darkness

I shall return to the Rika Room! (理科室へ帰らせていただきます!, Rikashitsu e Kerasete Itadakimasu!) is chapter nine of the Kōshiki Anthology Comic series. It is chapter nine of volume one. This chapter was authored by Shiki Piro with illustrations by Takana Hotaru.


In the Neighbor's Clubroom, Rika is on her laptop, and Sena is playing a video game. Yozora chastises her for still being disgusting. Kodaka arrives, apologizing for being late. Rika thinks about Kodaka, but Sena interrupts, telling him that her father wants to see him again at some point. She says that she doesn't care if he shows but if he does, he should bring Kobato along. Yozora starts a scuffle with Sena. Rika interrupts their arguing by starting up a galgame called Magical Boy Magica★Oreka. As she continues to fawn over the game, Yozora says that she really is a pervert. Rika states that she'll now go to the Rika Room and relieve herself on the desk. She leaves and sits by the door outside the clubroom, thinking about how she left on impulse. Kodaka leaves the room to use the bathroom (to go talk to Rika). He asks if he did something that upset her. She realizes that Kodaka doesn't understand again and stops him from talking by grabbing his arm affectionately.

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