If an Angel could become a Smile
Tenshi ga Egao ni Nareru nara
Chapter Information
Chapter 14
Volume Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Kōshiki Anthology vol. 1
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If an Angel could become a Smile (天使が笑顔になれるなら, Tenshi ga Egao ni Nareru nara) is chapter fourteen of the Kōshiki Anthology Comic series. It is chapter fourteen of volume one. This chapter was done by Kokuu Rokusho.


Kodaka thinks about how he's been getting a strange feeling when his eyes meet Maria's. Ever since Rika asked him about sexual intercourse. He thinks that she bears a grudge against a particular part of his body. Kodaka tells Maria that he brought her lunch today and she thanks him, hiding behind the couch. Kodaka goes to Rika for assistance, telling her that it's her fault he's in this situation. Rika thinks that Kodaka only uses her when it's convenient and he tells her that she's the only one he could go to. Rika says she'll help him, acting like her usual self, happy that Kodaka recognized her. Rika turns to look at Maria and then appears behind her, grabbing her. Maria freaks out and Rika thinks that the issue is quite serious. Rika lets her go and asks if she's come to hate Kodaka. Maria refutes this, exclaiming several reasons why she really likes him but ever since that day. Rika grabs her and says that she has an idea. She takes Maria with her and quickly returns, saying that the preparations have been completed. Maria hits Kodaka in the face, knocking him down. They explain their plan: if Maria can physically win against Kodaka, she doesn't have to be scared.

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