In The Rika Room
Chapter Information
Chapter 15
Volume Light Novel Volume 7
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The Fall of Yozora Mikazuki
Kobato Hasegawa

In The Rika Room is chapter 85 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter fifteen of volume seven.


On the fourth day after their dubious filming over Sena's version of the script for their movie, Kodaka and Rika were on their way to the Rika Room. Arriving inside, Kodaka recalls the last time he'd visited the room and Rika added the exact past days and minutes after Rika met Kodaka. Examining the room, Rika shows Kodaka a secret room where she takes care of the editing for their movie and other miscellaneous stuff, which stunned Kodaka as he enters the said room. After placing the equipment down, Rika shows Kodaka some of the edited scenes for their movie, leaving Kodaka amazed as he praises Rika for her work, causing her to blush and later adds that she had fun making it since it was her first time doing it with people her own age. As she were, Kodaka spots a binder and Rika shows Kodaka its contents; containing various pictures of Neighbor's Club members. Rika explains that she used the pictures as reference for the CG models she made when they were playing the multi-player game "Romancing Saga" and Kodaka recalls the moment Rika remarked that she had fun playing the said game, considering it was her first time doing it while showing a tender smile towards Kodaka - a smile similar to what Rika had shown to Kodaka when she remarked that she had fun playing Romancing Saga with her fellow club-mates and also while doing and making their movie, and Kodaka concludes by saying Rika Shiguma is much more serious about making friends than anyone else within the Neighbor's Club.

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