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Chapter 7
Volume Light Novel Volume 3
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Saint VS Vampire
Everyone at the Pool

Jaws is chapter 30 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter seven of volume three.


During the month of August as the heat wave continues to roll in, Kodaka iterated about the usual laid-back ambiance inside their club-room as Yozora explained to him that it is due to the hot summer heat, and the unavailability of things to do. Seemingly dis-pleasured on Kodaka's suggestions on what to do, Yozora proceeded on bashing Sena's game - telling the characters to die and wished for a shark to appear in it. Annoyed by her sudden declaration, Sena was taken aback when a shark instantly gnawed all the characters from her game, leading to a bad end. After breaking the game's disk in two and knowing about the overview of her game from Rika, Sena coveted on going to a pool while Yozora thought of her as suicidal after seeing all her game characters being eaten by a shark. Thanking Yozora for her concern, Sena immediately harassed Kobato after the latter also desired on going to the pool, which was followed by Yozora smacking her with her flyswatter out of disgust, but also agreeing on her claim of going to a pool as practice to make friends. As Rika teased Kodaka on not getting too excited when seeing her in her swimwear, the Neighbor's Club then decided on going to the pool together.

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