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Chapter 10
Volume Light Novel Volume 2
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Karaoke (カラオケ, Karaoke) is chapter 22 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter ten of volume two.


Receiving a bad end from her gal-game, Sena asked the Neighbor's Club if they'd ever gone to karaoke before. Kodaka and Yozora affirmed this, as Sena got all flustered when Kodaka asked her, the latter question. Rika then asked Kodaka to come with her to karaoke as she also hadn't gone to one, followed by both Yozora and Yukimura, and thus, they all decided to go for karaoke the next day. Sena, having heard their conversation. also decided to tag along with Kodaka and the rest as Yozora told Sena to beg for it first. Sena vehemently did so as Yozora harassed the latter causing Sena to leave the club room in tears whilst flinging insults at Yozora, as the former jokingly declared to the rest about their real meet up, time and place, much to Kodaka's dismay.

The next day, Kodaka, along with Kobato, arrived at Tooya Station seeing the rest of the club already there, as Kodaka gave her a quiz about the specific arrival time of Yozora and the others at the station (which Kobato hasn't figured out). Arriving at their destination, a Karaoke Box, Yozora was surprised as she discovered that the fee there is expensive. Thinking it's a scam, Sena and Yozora formulated a plan on singing in separate rooms, much to the store cashier's chagrin. But as Kodaka paid to the cashier, he decided on going in the same room with Rika, Yukimura, and Kobato.

Later that evening, after singing several songs in their respective rooms, Kodaka and the rest found Sena and Yozora already outside, both with hoarse voices. They revealed that they both competed for the top score on the ranking for karaoke which ensued an argument between the two on who actually won. Kodaka then remarked about the moral of their recent experience, which is: Karaoke is something you have fun singing with everyone.

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