Karaoke Box

Cry from the Abyss

Location Many locations around Tooya City
Novel Debut Karaoke
Anime Debut Episode 6

A Karaoke Box is a place for karaoke. There are thirty of them located in Tooya City. The Neighbor's Club went here once to have a karaoke party. Yozora's favorite box is called Cry from the Abyss which is a ten-minute walk from the Tooya Station; this is the one that the Neighbor's Club visit during episode six.

Plot OverviewEdit

In the Neighbor's clubroom, the members discuss what friend-making activities they've done, and Sena asks if they've ever been to a Karaoke Box before. Yozora says that she's been to every one in the city with Tomo, her air friend. Most of the members state that they've never gone to one. They make plans to go the next day at 1 pm.

The next day, the Neighbor's Club arrive at the karaoke box and are greeted by the cashier. Yozora pulls out her freetime card and the cashier rings up her total cost as 5400 yen. They complain about the expense and the cashier goes on to explain prices: freetime for one person is 650 and the drink bar is 250. Yozora begins explaining that the price doesn't sound right and that it may be a scam. Yozora and Sena come up with a plan, they each pay to use a single room though Kodaka ruins it by paying for himself, Rika, Yukimura and Kobato. Each group goes to their rooms. Kodaka and the others take turns singing. Kodaka thought about going to Yozora and Sena's rooms to listen to them sing but chose not to, thinking that they'd get pissed off. In Yozora and Sena's room, they begin singing a duet while thinking of Kodaka.

Later that afternoon, Kodaka and his group finish up and head out of their room to find Sena and Yozora already outside, exhausted. They said they've been competing for singing ranks which causes an argument, one of which neither of them actually won. They head home soon after.



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