Character Information
Gender Female
Job Hairdresser
Manga Debut Let's go to a beauty salon

Character OverviewEdit

Kashiwagi is a hairstylist who appears in volume one of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Kōshiki Anthology Comic series.


Kashiwagi has long, light-colored hair and allows her bangs to hang down over her forehead.


Kashiwagi is a kind and understanding individual. During Yozora's visit to the hair salon, she starts a friendly discussion with her and even offers some advice.

Plot OverviewEdit

Sometime after damaging her hair to fire, Yozora Mikazuki schedules an appointment at a hair salon. There, Kashiwagi welcomes Yozora saying that she'll be in charge of her for today. She sits Yozora down and starts a friendly discussion with her while waiting for Yozora to choose a hairstyle. She asks Yozora if she has a boyfriend which embarrasses Yozora. Yozora states that she does, and Kashiwagi questions her about him. Yozora begins to describe Kodaka to her. She mentions how people easily misunderstand him and that he won't notice the important things. Kashiwagi tells her that there are a lot of dense guys like that which causes Yozora to almost yell out at her for not understanding, but Kashiwagi adds that during these times, you have to gently make him notice since you have to treasure him. Yozora chooses the style she wants, and Kashiwagi cuts it for her.

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