King Lear
Ria Ou
Chapter Information
Chapter 17
Volume Light Novel Volume 7
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Kobato Hasegawa
Reflection: Prayers and Shouts

King Lear (Ria Ou) is chapter 87 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter seventeen of volume seven.


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The participating students.

It is the day of the school festival, starting off with the athletics festival. On the track, Hinata Hidaka, the Student Council president, is addressing her fellow students with her opening speech, and afterward, the chairman also gives his speech as well. After the speech, Kodaka came upon a melancholic Yozora, who comes to tell Kodaka about her hatred towards Hinata - whom she addresses as King Lear (King of the Normals) - before heading to the nurse's office to rest. Kodaka then spots Rika on the roof of the school's building and, as he heads there, Kate gives Kodaka a nonsensical warning, before continuing to head to the roof. On the roof, Kodaka founds Rika wearing sports bloomers and comes to thank Rika for the hard work she puts in their movie, causing Rika to blush. After seeing Sena
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The real Rika

winning a race down the track, Rika comments on Sena being skillful at everything and Kodaka agrees. When Rika asks Kodaka about his thoughts on being engaged with Sena, Kodaka retorts by saying they're just club-mates and that they'd go through with their engagement. As Rika remarks that Sena doesn't share the same view, Kodaka asks Rika on what she's said, pretending not to hear, which frustrates Rika. Afterward, Rika chants a cryptic message towards Kodaka's denseness yet Kodaka pretends to not know what Rika meant in her message. Showing a vague expression, Rika tells Kodaka that it's time for them to move forward but Kodaka stops Rika from saying another word. When he decides to leave the rooftop, Rika whispers to Kodaka but the words were drowned by the strong wind, and Kodaka again pretends not to hear yet he states that he knew what Rika was trying to say and that he knew it for a long time.
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